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VI- ODE Talking Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary of English and Thesaurus of English plus Test Prep Companion

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70C Tablet

With the ARCHOS 70 Copper, get a great Android experience on the go. 3G connected with a powerful dual-core processor, this 7 inch tablet is the best for apps, internet and media when on the go  

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Travel Speaker

  The PROLiNK® PSC2601E is funky and uniquely shaped travel speaker available in 3 striking colours to help you showcase your vibrant personality!Made for music lover who is constantly on the move, the PSC201E comes with a powerful built-in battery that l

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PKCS-1002 Key Board

 PROLiNK® PKCS-1002 Classic Wired Keyboard is a high-comfort keyboard that comes with a sleek design. This ergonomic keyboard is designed in a way to fit the shape of your hands and fingers. At the bottom of each individual key lies a high quality membrane

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